The School of AI Brussels

Oct 05, 2020 · 1 min read
The School of AI Brussels
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What is the School of AI?

At the School of AI Brussels, we organise regular meetups that are designed for people who want to learn about artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science - no matter what skills level.

Saida and I founded the School of AI Brussels in 2019. The rationale: creating an in-person and offline experience for people who are learning about AI - because a lot of this learning happens at a computer screen and online. But we knew from our own experience that having interactions with other people in real life note only makes the learning journey more fun - it also helps us to stay motivated and hold each other accountable.

Community events

The School of AI meet-ups take place at regular intervals in Brussels, and are open for absolute beginners, developers and AI experts. Here, we learn about some basic concepts and use-cases of artificial intelligence, and discuss some of its challenges and opportunities.

In our hands-on coding workshops, we explore different aspects of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science together - for example exploratory data analyses, data visualisation, or different machine learning methods.

Beginners should expect:

  • A place to discuss and share what they’re learning, as they start and continue their learning journey (e.g. with online resources such as the “School of AI” courses or many others).
  • A chance to discuss the topic with people a bit more advanced than them.
  • The opportunity to do some hands-on coding, with the guidance from the School of AI Brussels organisers, as well as more advanced participants.

More advanced people should expect

  • A forum to share their ideas and expertise, and to get to know people interested in what they do.
  • A chance to discuss their field of work with other experts, or to learn about others’ fields of expertise.
  • Gain new perspectives onto their field of expertise, by engaging with subject matter experts from different areas of work and research.

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